Radost School Residency Program

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Radost's dancers, singers and musicians carry in their hearts a deep commitment to the folklore we present and a desire to share that love and knowledge with others. Radost offers a unique opportunity for your school to enhance its multicultural curriculum.

Radost will coordinate with your school a program of performances and workshops designed to integrate into your existing classes and educational goals. Some possibilities:

  • Show-and-tell with elementary school children;
  • Performances catered to the needs of special education students;
  • Training in complex Eastern European harmonies for high school choirs.
Photos by Steve Nelson, except as noted
  • The Assembly Program features choreographies from most countries in the Balkans, pulling in elements of daily life which offer insights into the social structures behind the dances.   [Details]
  • The Full Day Residency combines the Assembly Program with workshops tailored to the size and age of your student base.   [Details]





Students from Moorlands Elementary School second, third, and sixth grades share their impressions of Radost's week-long residency in their school:

"Dear Radost,
    Thanks for teaching us dances...

"My favorite dance was the grapevine dance." - KB & A

"What I liked best about Radost is their outfits." -AR

"You guys taught us some cool dances." - TM

"I liked (decorating) the eggs because I'm half Polish and my mom is 100% Polish." -RW

"I like Radost because I like singing and dancing and trying on the costumes." -K

"I liked the singing because of the different language ... I thought the songs were very difficult at first, but I got the hang of it and now I have practically memorized it." -H & PP