Igre iz Baranje

Radost Folk Ensemble Choreography
Igre iz Baranje

(Dances from Baranje)

Croatian/Serbian minorities in Hungary
Choreography Szavai József
Music Traditional, arranged by Vizin Antal
Transcribed by Glenn Nielsen
Costumes Traditional: Sarah Nofziger, Jennifer Cook, and Szavai József
Baranya is an area which straddles the border between northeastern Croatia and southwestern Hungary. The villages in Hungary near the town of Pécs are inhabited by a mixture of Croatians and Serbs, who have lived there together for many generations. Their dances retain their Slavic character, with little or no influence from the surrounding Hungarian culture. This suite of dances from Hungarian Baranya is set at a traditional holiday festival called a Kermez; it contains the song Oj Savice (Oh, little Sava River) and the dances Okretanje, Tandrčak, Romanska, Marice Kolo, Todore, Tanac, and Trojanac.
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Purchase of costumes for Igre iz Baranya was made possible through the support of the Washington State Arts Commission and the Allied Arts Foundation.

Igre iz Baranya

Photo: Chris Bennion