Brîul Mare

Radost Folk Ensemble Choreography
Brîul Mare

(Big Belt Dance)

Choreography Richard Crum, adapted by Glenn Nielsen
Music Traditional, arranged by Rachel Collias-Johnson
The men of Mutenia in southeastern Romania dance Brîul Mare, accompanied by Strigături with the leader shouting one line and the other dancers replying. The Strigături include shouts of encouragement and signals to change from one step to another. This dance is famous for its exuberance, speed and intricate footwork.
Click HERE for Strigături (calls).
Brîul Mare at the 2017 Romanian Christmas Concert
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How are They Doing?
Bringing it Around…
The Big Kick
Fast Steps
Having Fun!
More Fast Steps!
Stepping Behind
"Hai cu brîul, măi băieţi"
"Care vreţi, care puteţi"
The End!

Photos by J Tucker - Sticks & Stones Photography

Brîul Mare at the Northwest Folklife Festival, 2002
Music by Névtelen (Jenny, Jerry, & Kathleen) - Radost Dancers: Tom, Raffi, Ivan, Bruce, Mark, and Eric