Fecioreasca Fetelor Din Crihalma

Radost Folk Ensemble Choreography
Fecioreasca Fetelor Din Crihalma

(Girls’ Dance from Crihalma)

Choreography Valeriu Buciu (Ensemble Maramureșul)
Music Traditional, arranged by D'Alexandru Viman
Transcribed by Nick Allison
Costumes Rachel MacFarlane
In the early part of this century, many Romanian men left their villages to work abroad. During this period, in towns like Crihalma in southeastern Transylvania, the women had to take over the traditional social functions of the men. This custom carried over onto the dance floor, where women danced in a playful imitation of masculine style. As they dance, the women shout strigături, improvised folk poetry referring to love, romance, dancing and the fact that "there are no girls like the ones from Crihalma!"
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Meany Theater (University of Washington) 1988

Radost at the Romanian 2017 Christmas Concert