Kolo iz Ražanča

Radost Folk Ensemble Choreography
Kolo iz Ražanča

(Dances from Ražanac)

Choreography Ivan Ivančan, staging by Jennifer Cook
Music Traditional, (a cappella)
Ražanac is a small village on the coastal side of the Adriatic Mountains. In Ražanac the women get together, often after church, while the men find their way to the local cafe, to socialize amongst themselves. True to form, if there are more than a few Croatians standing together, they often will begin to sing, and then to dance. The women of Ražanac pride themselves on the purity of their voices, and the clarity of the rhythm of their footwork. Radost’s costumes for this suite are the day-to-day clothes of the Croatian population after the Industrial Revolution.
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Radost Women and Young Adults at CroatiaFest 2013 (Seattle Center)