Shopski Tantsi

Radost Folk Ensemble Choreography
Shopski Tantsi

(Shope Dances)

Choreography Prof. Petur Angelov
Music Traditional, arranged by Kosta Kolev
Transcribed by Kathleen Hunt
Costumes Jill Ann Johnson, Denise Manookian
The Shopi are peasants who live in western Bulgaria, between the Serbian border in the west and the plains of Thrace of east central Bulgaria; the center of their land is Bulgaria’s capitol Sofia. The Shopi are known throughout Bulgaria as clever, lively people with a rich and varied music and dance culture. Master choreographer Prof. Petur Angelov has combined the dances graovsko, divotinsko, radomirsko, ruchenitsa, sitno shopsko and petrunino to create a vibrant portrait of the Shope people.
Shope Dances was acquired with the support of the Washington State Arts Commission

This 2011 YouTube video is of The University of Varna (Академичният танцов театър) performing the identical choreography that was set on Radost in 1995. For the Radost Performances, the Radost Women's Choir and Orkestar RTW provided the singing and the music.