Slavonski Plesovi

Radost Folk Ensemble Choreography
Slavonski Plesovi

(Slavonian Dances)

Northern Croatia (Slavonia)
Choreography Glenn Nielsen
Music Traditional, arranged by Glenn Nielsen
Slavonia is the broad, fertile plain which stretches eastward from Croatia’s capitol city Zagreb to the border between Croatia and Hungary. The people in this part of Croatia delight in singing while they dance. The lyrics of their songs are often humorous; the subject matter is usually love, dancing, or village life. Most Slavonian dances are done in a closed or open circle, but couple and trio dances are also known. The dances are generally quick in tempo and exuberant or playful in mood. The dances in this suite are accompanied by a typical Slavonian tamburica band, consisting of prim and brač (melody instruments similar to a mandolin), bugarija (a guitar-like rhythm instrument) and bass.
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Slavonski Plesovi at the Northwest Folklife Festival Vela Luka and Radost 40th Anniversary Celebration - 2016

Tanya, Dave, and Robin