Starobosansko Kolo iz Glamoč

Radost Folk Ensemble Choreography
Starobosansko Kolo iz Glamoč

(Old Bosnian dance from Glamoč)

Choreography Dennis C. Boxell
Staging Glenn Nielsen
Costumes Heidi Bodding, Jill Ann Johnson, Carl & Claire Joplin
This ancient ritual dance dates from the five century long domination of the Balkans by the Ottoman Empire. In many areas, the Turkish overlords forbade dancing in order to break down the strong native culture. The defiant peasants retreated to the mountains and danced in silence, accompanied only by the jingle of the coins and the pounding of the dancers’ feet. This dance from Glamoč is a courtship ritual to test the health, stamina and endurance of the women. It begins with this song:

Moj dragane, tvoje oči mile
Iznicala nica trava
Širi ruke moj dragane
Tvoja sam, tvoja sam
      My beloved, in your loving eyes
Is my rebirth (springs the new grass)
Open your arms wide, my beloved
I am yours, I am yours


Photo: Sarah Templeton