Varnenski Tantsi

Radost Folk Ensemble Choreography
Varnenski Tantci
(Dances of Varna)
Choreography Prof. Petur Angelov, artistic director of Ensemble Varna
Music Dancho Radulov
Transcribed by Rachel Collias-Johnson
Orchestration by Ronald Long
Costumes Jamia Hansen-Murray and Kathy Sandstrom
The dances from the area around the city of Varna on Bulgaria’s Black Sea coast are unusual in their emphasis on individual dancing and in the rich variety of hand movements done by both men and women. This piece is accompanied by the bitov or folk-rural orchestral ensemble. The opening section is a dance in 9/16 rhythm, where each man flourishes a short leather whip called the kamshik. More men join in for a brisk ruchenitsa in 7/16 meter. The finale for women and men is a dance in 9/16 unique in Bulgaria, featuring the use of wooden spoons for rhythmic and visual excitement.

Meany Theater - 1986