Zagorski Tancuši

Radost Folk Ensemble Choreography
Zagorski Tancuši

(Dances of Zagorje)

Choreography Željko Jergan
Music Traditional, arranged by Glenn Nielsen
Costumes Sarah Nofziger and Jennifer Cook
The people of Zagorje, in the northwestern part of Croatia, have lived lives of hardship in the past. This is clearly evident in the simplicity of their costumes. Singing is an integral part of the their customs; sadness is reflected in the songs about life’s day-to-day challenges. This suite begins with the drmeš (shaking dance), the most popular dance in Zagorje, in which dancers in small circles whirl with great speed. After a group of songs related to the midsummer ritual involving Green George, the suite continues with the dances oberštajer, repe, ajnzerica, and polka, concluding with another lively drmeš.
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