Lički Tanci

Radost Folk Ensemble Choreography
Lički Tanci

(Dances from Lika)

Choreography Željko Jergan
Music Traditional, arranged by Glenn Nielsen
Lika is a mountainous region in the Dinaric Alps, which lie along the border between Croatia and Serbia, close to the Adriatic Sea. This area is very rich in its vocal traditions, as exemplified in the first two songs. These are followed by the unusual Ličko Kolo, a dance done without musical accompaniment. The dancers follow the instructions of the kolovodja (dance leader), who sometimes must exert his authority forcefully to keep them under his control. The dance concludes with the couple dance tanac, which is accompanied by an instrument called đangubica.
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Lički Tanci was funded in part by the Washington State Arts Commission.

Lički Tanci at the 2014 Carpathian Dawn Concert
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Photos by John Cornicello

Lički Tanci at the 2014 Winterfest

Photos by Vladimir Lenkov

Lički Tanci - Folklife 2010
John Morovich on the đangubica
Photo by Tom Deering