Carpathian Dawn with the Cabiri

Thursday Dec 4 through Sunday Dec 7 (4 Evening Performances - 7:30, 7:30, 7:30, & 6:30)
SANCA - 647 S Orcas St, Seattle

Radost performs with the Cabiri in their production of Carpathian Dawn:

  • 7:30 pm Thursday, December 4th
  • 7:30 pm Friday, December 5th
  • 7:30 pm Saturday, December 6th
  • 6:30 pm Sunday, December 7th

Fly east of the Danube to a land dominated by the gods of the Rus, where fairies dance in the age of dreams and mankind has not yet awoken. This is the land of the great tree, created by Svarog and lorded over by his son Svarzovitch.

In the land of the Rus, audiences will witness the creation of humankind from mud and clay and their encounter with the gods of the forest and the sky. Watch as Miera, a young Slavic girl, encounters the playful house spirit Domovoi, mother earth Mati Zemlya, bathhouse spirit Bannik, god of darkness Chernobog and his opponent Byelebog god of light, Alkonost the beautiful firebird, and other characters. Audiences will delight as these ancient tales come to life via contemporary and folkloric dance and aerial artistry on silks, hoop, aerial chain and dance trapeze.

Journey into the realm of spirits, magic and mystery as we celebrate the Carpathian dawn!

Tickets available from Brown Paper Tickets

All performances at: SANCA (School of Acrobatics & New Circus Arts):