V Gabrovska Obushtarnitsa

Radost Folk Ensemble Choreography
V Gabrovska Obushtarnitsa

(In a Gabrovo Shoemaker’s Shop)

Choreography Stojan Tsankov
Music Stojan Tsankov
The town of Gabrovo in the mountains of central Bulgaria is one of Bulgaria’s oldest and most famous cultural centers. The people of Gabrovo are renowned throughout Bulgaria for their sense of humor and their love of jokes. This piece, by Gabrovo native and master choreographer Stojan Tsankov, takes us into a shoemaker’s shop in Gabrovo as the day begins, and gives us a glimpse of the daily life of the master shoemaker, his young journeyman assistant, and his two younger apprentices.

V Gabrovska Obushtarnitsa - Zlaten Orfey (2010)

Photo: Tom Deering

V Gabrovska Obushtarnitsa - (early 1990's)

Photo: Sarah Templeton

As Set in a Toy Maker's Shop for the 2015 Bulgarian Christmas Concert